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Updates to Reflections Competition Awards 

An unfortunate glitch in calculating the averages caused a change in the awards as they were presented at the competition Thursday night.  The averages and awards are now correct on the Competition Results page

I apologize for the glitch. If you have any questions or see any more errors in the results please Contact Us.  I will be sending an email to members registered for our newsletter explaining the problems and how we plan to prevent them in the future.  Below you will find a summary of the changes.


Update Summary:

A small number of images were missing a couple scores when they were averaged, resulting in incorrect averages.  As a result 5 images have been added to the winners which causes changes in 11 of the announced awards (out of 35 total announced awards).  The changes are:  

  • Black and White Prints - No changes
  • Color Prints Class A – 1 change
    • Dave Hacker’s “Sidney Harbor” moved into 3rd place
    • No other awards changed
  • Color Prints Class B – 2 changes
    • Jon Duplain’s “Window Seat” moved up to 2nd place
    • Jon Duplain’s “Little Fire Fighter” moved up to Honorable Mention
    • Three images were bumped out of the awards
  • Digital Projection Class A – 1 change
    • Dave Hackers “Fall Reflection Image” moved to 1st
    • 1st, 2nd and 3rd were all moved down 1 place
    • 1 Honorable Mention was bumped out of the awards
  • Digital Projection Class B – No changes
  • Digital Black and White – 2 changes
    • Jon Duplain’s “Got Air” moved into 1st place
    • Jon Duplain’s “Help” moved into second place
    • Three images were bumped back one place
    • Three images were bumped out of the awards
Posted by Admin Sunday, January 19, 2014 4:15:00 PM
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