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Schedule changes for March 31 and April 7, 2011 

The programs scheduled for Thursday March 31, and Thursday April 7 have been
switched. So please check your schedule and try to attend both sessions they
will be well worth your while.

Since we have 5 Thursdays in March we have an extra meeting scheduled. The
extra meeting on March 31 was to have been a viewing of the digital circuit
photos and commentary. This topic has been moved to the April 7th night.

This coming Thursday on March 31, we have Arthur Vaughan coming from Mass.
to give us a presentation on Macro Photography with a twist in the use of
creative lighting. Here is what Art says about his presentation:

"My presentation describes a process for shooting macro photographs using
lighting provided only by the standard "pop-up" flash found on many cameras.
Using the simple home-made bounce-flash and support bracket shown in the
program, you can produce amazing macro images having true "studio" quality
lighting, for a fraction of the cost of a system utilizing multiple flashes,
ring lights, or expensive factory made support brackets. The techniques
demonstrated work perfectly whether you use a conventional macro lens, or a
variety of close-up lenses, extension tubes, or stacked add-on lenses. The
set-up described provides maximum portability for hunting down and following
small insects and spiders who aren't going to sit still for photographers
using cumbersome tripods.The system also works beautifully with inanimate
objects and botanical subjects."

Art is the Print Competition Director for NECCC and does a great job in
presenting his material. You don't want to miss this presentation.

Then on April 7 our regular presentation night we will be looking at the
images and the review/commentary from the NECCC digital circuit. This is a
great learning opportunity as we view, discuss, and listen to professionals
critique the images.

 See you there!

Chuck Rohn, President

Posted by Chuck Rohn Friday, March 25, 2011 9:12:00 PM
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