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Bull Moose

Probably a bad title because I can't tell you where to photograph Moose.  I can tell you I wouldn't go to Portland thinking I would see a Moose.  I can suggest how I look for moose. My best luck for seeing moose has been out of a boat.  My favorite season is September when moose are going into their rut.  (late September, early October). Bulls are looking for cows. Cows are pursued by bulls. By the end of the first week in October, the rut ends and moose return to their lives of eating and resting as they prepare for winter. Photography is spectacular because by September their antler growth has completed and the velvet dries and falls off.  

Where and when do I look for Moose?  Early Morning, late evening.  I go to the North Maine Woods and Aroostook County.


Aroostook County Moose

Photo Hints

Mark Picard, a wildlife photographer specializing in Moose photography taught me to have my camera ready with "Drive By" settings.  A moose might not wait for you to fiddle with the settings.  He also taught me to have the speed high enough to make the moose sharp not blurry. The camera is in reach, maybe on my lap.  I am using auto ISO and do not allow the speed to go below 500.  I have my longest lens on my camera.  The F stop is set to F5.6 or F8.  

As a side note.  I have a "Little Black Book"!  The boring reason for the book is to write notes of what to have/do in what situation.  I also have a list of what I need for what I am doing,  I have downloaded the camera manual on my I pad. I also downloaded a book by David Bush about my Sony.  David has published many how-to books for many cameras.  Why do I like David?  He will say there are many ways to do the same thing but this is the way he does it.  For me, that helps.  On lazy, sitting on the couch moments, I read Davids book, fiddle with the settings, take practice pictures of my toes, and write the results in my black book.  Google David Bush (your camera) for a look.

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