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Information from Friends of Baxter and St. Joseph's Hospital 


Joel recently received word from Friends of Baxter State Park about a call for photographs for the 2015 Baxter State Park Calendar.  For more information look at page 3 of their Spring Newsletter:


You can find more information about Friends of Baxter at their web site:



We also received the invitation below from St. Joseph's Hospital.  At least two members, possibly more, had their photo's selected to be displayed in the lobby. 

You are invited to the St. Joseph Hospital dedication and blessing of the newly renovated Broadway Lobby, soon to be called the Demaso Lobby: A Place for Family and Friends.

Hope to see you Tuesday April 30 at 11:00 at the Broadway Lobby.

For more information please call 907-1740, the Office of Community Networks and Foundation at St. Joseph Healthcare.


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