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Not Getting Club Emails?  

Some members have reported trouble, here's some tips that may help.

Some members are reporting that they are not getting the emails that Don sends out regularly.  Don sends the emails as a "Newsletter" from our website.  So the emails get generated by the web site, and are automatically sent to all members who have registered on the web site, paid their dues and subscribed to the newsletter.  Oh, and they are sent to the email address you registered with.  They come from info@easternmainecameraclub.org.

So there are a couple things you can check if you are not getting the emails. 

  1.  Is your email registered correctly on our web site?
  2.  Are you subscribed to the Newsletter?
  3.  Is mail from info@easternmainecameraclub.org going to your spam folder?

So for the first item, log on to our web site and click on the "My Account" link at the very top of any page.  There you will see a "Security/Identity" tab, where you can change your email address (you can't change your id, that always stays the same).

To check that you are subscribed to the newsletter go to the "Newsletter" tab.  There you will see a check box (image below) for the "EMCC Somewhat Daily Newsletter".  That has to be checked in order for the emails to be sent to you.  Only members can sign up for this newsletter. 

Also notice there is a "View Previous Editions" link.  You can always go there to see all the communications we have sent.  Check it out, it's a good place to look and see if you have been missing anything.

If all of that is OK and you are still not getting your emails you may want to check your spam folder.  All email systems are a little different but almost all have a way to mark email as "Not Junk".  Several of our members with AOL mail have found the newsletters going to spam.  Below I'll include some instructions I found online for marking email as "not spam" in AOL.  If you are using another system and can't figure it out just send me an email, let me know what system you have,  and I'll see if I can dig up some instructions for you. 

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