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The Blue Hill Fair is a win, win place to photograph. You will find lots of quality things to take pictures of from farm animals to people.  The non-photographers will enjoy the sites and (Mike) the food.  " A Down to Earth Country Fair. Always scheduled around Labor Day weekend".

As many know I am a horse girl from way back.  When Mike and I got married, instead of building a house, we built a barn.  The horses lived downstairs and we lived upstairs.  We had a plexiglass window in the living room floor to keep an eye on the pregnant mare when she was going into labor.  That said, I love workhorses!  My favorite place to see workhorses is at the Blue Hill Fair.  The most interesting part is seeing how loved they are.  Last year there was a very elderly, very frail, farmer with over 2 tons of horses.  I bet he didn't weigh 120 pounds. When he was done with his pull the crowd gave him a standing ovation.  It was impressive.

In addition there are many other things to photograph, sheep, oxen pulls, cattle, night lights on the rides, dogs, and lots of people.  Check out the schedule on the website.


Photographers Tip

Keep an eye on the background.  I have liked to stand at the gate where the animals come in and out.  In this spot I have a clear view of the horses coming towards me with just a food stand in the background to show we are at a fair,  I use a fast shutter speed (over 500) and shoot near f 5.6 to blur the background.  I use my ISO to bring the shutter speed over 500.  You will need to do this on a grey, overcast day.  Why a fast shutter speed?  In shooting animals I am looking for sharpness.  In my opinion, the horses have a lot of moving parts that look wrong when they are blurred.  My opinion,  your photos you do what you like.  Bring your longest lens but don't sweat only having a short lens.  You are able to get close.

Beware! There is lots of dust.  I wrap my camera in a towel when I'm not using it.

Have fun!

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